Manufacturer installers are often bloated with crapware. If there is a findable installer that only installs the drivers for the printers we use I’ll use it.

do printer drivers need to be updated

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How to Connect HP Printer to WiFi [Complete Guide]

Right-click on “My Computer” go to “Properties” and click on “Device Manager” . Then expand all the devices and hit Ctrl+Alt+PrntScr to copy the “Devices” image.

  • Right-click the printer you want to install and select Properties from the resulting pop-up menu.
  • However, be aware that universal print drivers will not offer you all of the features that your specific brand’s print driver would.
  • Documents must show your name and must be less than one year old.
  • For most chipset drivers, you do not need to uninstall your old chipset drivers before installing the new ones.

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When You Must Visit a BMV Branch to Renew

You can set up e-mail notifications to alert you when a printer needs attention. This is especially useful when you have printers at multiple locations with different people responsible for managing them. By using an automated system to notify you when a printer or printer server is down, the problem may be resolved sooner and less attention may need to be focused on the monitoring program. Log files are written to %windir%\Temp\PpcMachine.log (for per-computer connections) and %temp%\PpcUser.log (for per-user connections) on the computer on which the policy is applied. An example of a filter that may be useful is shown in Figure 2. This custom view displays all printers on the specified printer server that have a queue status other than Ready and where there are one or more jobs in the print queue.

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